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  • How To Port Your Number To Reliance Jio [MNP] – Steps, FAQ

    How To Port Your Number To Reliance Jio [MNP] – Steps, FAQ   How To Port Your Number To Reliance Jio [MNP] : You may all aware that, RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani officially announced about Reliance Jio with its welcome offer in India. According to him, Starting from September 5th, all the users with compatible 4G handsets […]

  • ASmallOrange Olympic Sale

    ASmallOrange Olympic Sale 2016 : 65% Off Exclusive ASmallOrange Olympic Sale 2016 ASO Olympic Sale 2016  Celebrating the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, A Small Orange is going to put hosting plans on a big sale all month of August long – up to 65% off. From 5 to 22 August 2016, purchasing a hosting plan at A […]

  • The Game I Like Most

    Game is the most powerful thing to give us entertainment  . There are different kinds of games in the world, Football. Cricket. Boxing. Takewondo, Swimming  volleyball , Badminton, Tennis are popular in the world Among them. I like Football very much . The game of  football has now become very famous all over the world […]

  • Disciplie

    There are some rules which we have to obey at school home offices and every where. Such habits according to the rules are called  discipline . It is also known as obedience to the orders of  proper authority. Discipline  has a great importance in our daily life.We cannot  prosper our life without discipline .Only discipline  helps […]

  • My Village

    The name of my village is kaleshwor which lies in lalitpur it is located at the south eastern part of lalitpur district. It is about 60km. far from the capital city of  Nepal, Kathmandu. It is one of the hilly villages where the larger columns of hill is located. About 2500 people live in our village […]

  • My Aim in Life

    Every man must have an aim in life . If a man has no aim he is like the flower without smell . He can not get success in his life and does not know what he will do so , we see that all of us have an aim in life. Different persons have […]

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